Message from President

Message from President

Greetings From the President

The history of Chuo Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. began in 1955 when our founder, Setsuo Hotta, commercialized the "ツールスコープ Tool Scope" as a machine tool microscope. This aspiration at the time of our founding, "to provide workers with easy-to-use products," continues today, as we celebrate our 70th anniversary in 2025, through product development from the worker's. We have received patronage from our customers. Based on steady growth to achieve their own unique accomplishments as a member of the Japan Society for Precision Engineering. In 1964, we were inducted into the Japan Optical Measuring Instruments Manufacturers' Association and put a great amount of effort into development within the industry.

Our range of optical units, including the general-purpose holographic interferometer which was developed in 1967, is being used by the vast majority of research institutions and universities throughout Japan. Holographic interferometer units are used in hologram printing, which is a technology that prevents counterfeiting of banknotes that are familiar to everyone. These customers are our treasure, and we will continue to work hard to develop new products to meet the demands of the new era.

The precision automatic stage unit is one of the products that has grown from this demand, and is a high-grade stage unit (motorized, manual) has been well received.
In addition, the Fix Stage, which has a unique feature not found in other companies as a "stage that does not move after positioing," can now support up to 6-axis configurations: X/XY/Z lift/rotary/tilt/two-axis tilt.
We lead the industry both domestically and internationally as a highly satisfying autofocus system.

We are continually moving forward while being faithful to our corporate philosophy of "Science Spirit" and "Independence Spirit".
From now on, we here at Chuo Precision Industrial are striving to push forward while building up a vast collection of knowledge in order to meet the expectations of all of those around us. We look forward to your continued guidance and support.

Seiji Suzuki, President
Chuo Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.

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