“I wish it could be fixed without a clamp after adjustment of the work…” We have responded to the needs like this.
The Fix Stage is the stage with a new idea that requires no clamp and produces neither shift in position nor backlash by external forces.

● The automatic lock mechanism prevents the shift in position and backlash of the stage caused by the external force to the utmost maximum.
● A special structure of direct-acting guide is adopted. It prevents entry of dust into the internal stage.
● The movement method using a hexagon wrench is adopted. It prevents accidental movement of the stage.
● These stages are more suitable for the work which does not require adjustment for a long time once positioning is made than that in which the position needs to be adjusted frequently.
● The lineup of X axis and XY axis is respectively made for 3 stage sizes. You will be able to use them for various applications such as positioning of the fiber sensors and CCTV lens.

[Patent in Japan : 4838402]
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